Past Releases & Changelog


17th March 2023
  • Fixed for latest Playdate firmware release :)


25th April 2022
  • Fixed crash caused by a text formatting issue in the “About” dialog
  • The app no longer crashes if you try to load a corrupted Flipnote, and will display a nice error message to tell you what is wrong with the file instead!
  • Added pagination arrows to Flipnote list to make the presence of prev/next pages more obvious
  • Made selected button graphics bolder for better readability
  • Improved Flipnote memory usage and load times
  • Loosened up the buttons that kept getting stuck in their “clicked” state
  • Prevented overlapping sound effects when exiting the player while a Flipnote was still playing
  • Removed selection sound effect when entering Flipnote list from another screen
  • Updated font to fix minor inconsistencies between similar-looking glyphs
  • Fixed issue where a folder containing only one Flipnote was mistakenly considered as being empty… oops
  • Removed unused graphics and assets to save a bit of space on your Playdate
  • Fixed issue where Flipnote list thumbnails would sometimes flash for one frame when navigating to the next page (SDK 1.10 only?)
  • Swapped out a sample Flipnote that inadvertently contained a swear word on one frame. This app was intended to be U-rated, sorry about that!


17th April 2022
  • Fixed issue caused by old macOS versions adding extra hidden files when unzipping the PDX. These would get interpreted as PPMs when they definitely weren’t! 


15th April 2022

The initial release of Playnote Studio!